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Best Seller Sold 32,000  downloads 2011-2012

Hi Friend,

If you have a kid who wants to leave home, or if you are a kid who wants to leave home, read this book before you go!

Even before Meaghan & Harry left for a better life, this story had been told for a few years already. Do not think everything is better on the other side of the hill, for it will not be so. How many princesses have run away because they were treated badly? In this story the princesses appear to have everything people dream about, a lovely place to live in (a bit big maybe), servants to do their dirty work and gardens to play in. However, as in all lives, we need much more than that as human beings. This is why the princesses books were written. Giving kids money and toys does not cut it in the long term. It satisfies only for a few moments. We all need to read this book to learn a few truths about how precious kids are and what we are obliged to give them.

Of course in every story there is a fun side. These pair find the fun side of life during their learning process, and get on with the job of being as contented as possible. What these pair lack is something that could be given from the beginning and easily. We too need to learn about these precious things that are actually free, but cost time and effort to do.

I cannot count the many hours I have spent drawing and editing this series. I have made ebooks (not easy and not always as good as I want). I have made coffee table sized edition of Original book. That is spectacular but not for sale now as it costs over $63 for me to purchase from online site (Lulu). I have also created two different styles (11" x 8") through Xlibris, 2012, and these are quite beautiful. They can still be purchased from but again are expensive and should only be for a special event, like birthdays, Christmas or Covid days. You can get original in 6" x 9" format at Amazon for a good price. I have re-edited in the Covid lockdown and published as a series, paperback only at this stage. But I was happy with the results. I am sourcing better converter software to produce better products for my beautiful readers, whom I love. I want the best for you, that's why.

I have made 2 of the princesses editions into series (Original and Green Box Boy) and they both have new covers (not the ones pictured below which are still showing on Amazon.) If you purchase any of these you should see a different cover.

The cover does show up on my Author Central Page at Amazon, so I will try to get a link or screen shot for you.