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This is the newest edition to our garden, a rose that smells lovely. This rose has been fed on hot water bottle water (cooled down) used for our cats in their habitations at night. Yes, they are spoiled a lot.

But, my beloved planted this rose a few weeks ago and it is blooming already. Our weather is fabulous thank the Lord, right now. And at night the place here is so quiet at long last! Everyone is scared I suppose, and bedtime is earlier, without any regulations here. We are all sympathetic towards those in Victoria, so that is weighing on our hearts and minds.

I want to do some kind of instruction to those who like to learn. Yes, I am still learning at 72! So if you are younger than me, or a bit older, there is no reason why you should not keep learning, every day.

I have been trying to get some posts on an old Facebook site I set up years ago (2012) that I had forgotten about. Well, I put some posts there and they disappeared, just like my story I am getting published shortly. A story about a vanished princess who is now vital for the kingdom's welfare. When you think about it, we are all valuable, just like this little rose and the small plaque nearby. Someone was involved in creating these things and the creator of "things" is valuable. You are valuable and I believe every moment in time is recorded for eternity. It is a big ask of God to keep all records in order, but when you think about it, it is a realistic notion. If we were in court, we would need an alibi for a certain time or evening. So with our lives, we would need an alibi for every moment to persuade God to let us into the Kingdom! (next topic I hear some of you saying). I have learned that the Lord "was crucified" in effect before the creation of the world. (Revelation) However it did not happen for 4 thousands years after creation. It seems like a rubix cube of a thought, but it makes sense when it is all put together.

Now, I have ordered 3 copies of my books that I published from yesterday. I was happy with the price of $19 but when the exchange kicked in and then the postage, it rose up to $50.90 AU, which was a bit of a shock, but I have ordered the books as I don't have copies of all my books. These are proofs, so were a little cheaper at I can understand why I don't have lots of copies of my own books - the cost! It is prohibitive in some cases as we don't have in print books, which is what we still like as we grew up with them.

I will show you on another page how to get a cover the way you want to get it. I am not very good at doing videos of myself but am keen to learn a bit more. I can take shots and show you so that you too can be as smart as me.

In the meantime, read my blogs for a little smattering of hope in these hopeless days. Marie

Hi, Friends in Lockdown,

New Blog 14 September 2020

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New blog entered today 31st July 2020 "Lock Your Doors"

13 July 2020 "Breath of Life"

God bless.

Welcome back. 

Welcome to New visitors especially. May 13  2020

Sunshine is such an important factor for everyone in this time of pandemic, depression, anxiety and despair spreading all over the globe. To see the light of the sunshine in the early morning (later morning for me as I slept in), is such an uplifting moment.

I want everyone to experience an uplifting moment today. Something that brings hope and light into our "Eternal Night" times.

I do not wish to preach to anyone, but simply to share God's Word, for God knows, we need hope in our lives, eternal hope to take us through these difficult times and to bring us forward into a brighter future.

In the beginning, God said, "Let there be light" and there was light.

"Let lights appear in the sky to separate the day from the night."

"Let these lights from the sky shine down on the earth"

"God made two great lights, the larger one to rule the day and the smaller one to govern the night." (Sun and moon to us)

Jesus said, "I am the light of the world." 

"The light shines in the darkness and the darkness can never extinguist it."   

Let each one remember that today is a new day and the sun is shining somewhere around the world, bringing hope, warmth, light and life to all living creatures. May the Lord's light shine in your life today.       Marie xx


Quotes from: Genesis 1:3, 14, 15, 16, John 8:12, John 1:5

Please do not be offended by the portrait of an unknown Aboriginal man in my Blog.

No bad intentions are meant in any way if this man reminds you of someone you know. I show no disrespect to coloured people and ask that you forgive any indiscretion you think you may find here. I respect the original folk who lived in this land before others arrived. God bless you all.

Remember, I have an Irish heritage and being a portrait painter has been part of my life since age 3 or 4 when I drew girls in fine dresses. It is simply my artistic expression. I love bringing an image to life in my art and in books, so it gives me immense enjoyment. When I created this picture I loved every moment and learned a lot about skin colour, people's expressions and the difficult in bringing an image to life. I fell in love with this painting and will always treasure it.