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Welcome back. 

Welcome to Newbie visitors especially. 22 Feb 2020

Lift We Up

Hope you are achieving some goal in your life?

Since my last blog here (hacker in my life), I am still feeling sadness when I wake up in the mornings. This week I thought I was doing well. I worked on my old How to Publish Manuscript and it was a breath of life. It took a bit longer to get it to publishing stage but I have put it on Lulu in print format for now. I did enjoy working on it, despite a few technicalities that were tough.

Today, I felt a little low again. Sadness came back to bite like a tiger.  So, we will take a peep at how to lift ourselves and others up from depression and even despair. Just going through the issues in the last hour or so has made me more mindful about lifting ourselves and others up.  Lift We Up

  • Notice the little roses? Out of the blue a few hours ago, Hubby brought these in from the garden. They actually smell beautiful. This gets a bit Tick from me. Let us lift each other up with a gift that smells nice, even free roses from our garden will help.
  • Kindness. Be kind to someone out there today and lift them up. I never expected Hubby to bring me roses on a day that is rainy, windy and definitely not Valentine's Day! Tick!
  • Doing things we enjoy. I mean things that occupy our deepest mind. I love arty things (I am ArtyFarty) But, they work to keep me enjoying life for a while. However, when I put the brush down and go to sleep, sadness erupts like the old sleeping beauty - I mean tiger. I wonder if sleeping beauty felt a deep sadness when she was awoken? It is a sign of something gone wrong in our lives and needs care. In saying that, doing stuff I love does work, so it gets a big tick as well. It is however, not the total solution to sadness, depression, despair, traumatic collateral damage. It is like a temporary bandage.
  • Time. Time is a great healer we know. If we think about other sad events in our lives previously, it diminishes with time. (Not gone completely) Time gets a tick.
  • Do Something fun.  This is a helpful temporary solution. What have you planned and put aside? Pick it up again and start moving. Like the athlete, they must pick up the ball and run or the game will stop. We have talked about a small wardrobe and discussed it endlessly...
  • Get Me Out! Today a suggestion from dear Hubby to go and see what is on the market at IKEA. We don't have to spend, just look, so thanks IKEA. A good Tick for an old 'new' plan to Get Me Out of my misery! Tick.
  • Laughter. I had forgotten what laughter does, but again, Hubby brought up a silly topic and we laughed together. So, find someone to laugh with or something to laugh about. I remember my book Five Golden Rings and A Diamond, written way back in 2004. Henry asked to read it but failed. He could not stop laughing at the dialogue. "It is so funny, I can just hear these words from the Irish..." He was crying with laughter and never finished reading the book...leaving me crying...!! Ha ha. Hope you had a smile at least. Laughter gets a big Tick.
  • Finding the ultimate solution... We will keep being kind, picking up things we love, smelling the roses, letting time go by, laughing and waiting for the final answer.
  • More next time.     Marie

P.S. Don't forget, if you want to publish your story in print or digital, add your genuine email address to Contact page and I will send a PDF download to you. You can always purchase the printed version at Lulu (blue button on contact page) for a small price.